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Always Golden


So for this blog I went to somewhere that means something.  I went to Zahav.  Do you know what that means?! It means gold!  But I didn’t get rich. That’s sad.  But I did get full from all of the rich and delicious food.

I went with Mom, George and of course me. The chef wouldn’t let us have menus. He said he was just going to cook for us which is super special. The chef’s name is Michael but call him Chef Solo.  I had already met Chef Solo when I went to Stateside for dinner for George’s last night. He asked me if there was any food I didn’t like. I said “Yes, I don’t like shrimp, lobster, mushrooms, or eggplant”. He said maybe I would like his eggplant.  I don’t think so. It’s not the kind for me in any kind of way.

Finally, time to talk about food. First to come out was a delicious hummus with a bread called laffa. I just watched a video of Chef Solo making laffa. He said it was an Iraqi style pita bread that is thin and bubbly. They bake it to order.  I liked it because it has a good texture in my mouth. My mom kept tearing me pieces and I kept dipping and eating.  

Next to come out were five salads called Salatim. The first salad was beets and tahini. I love beets and whatever tahini is, it’s really good.  I liked this best. The second one was a spicy green bean and it was so spicy my mouth was on fire. The good thing was we didn’t have to call the fire fighters! There were also carrots with cumin and it was a little salty and when I swallowed it, it tasted like Vietnamese soup. Parsley with pomegranate was one of George’s favorites.  I was actually really scared to try it… but it was so fresh and light that it was my second favorite. Finally, the last one was a twice cooked eggplant.  I didn’t try it…not even a little taste. This is my I don’t know favorite. What a coincidence, George doesn’t like eggplant either; so my mom got to eat it all. She loved it and was happy to not have to share.

After the little salads, we had some small plates to share. First was a fried cauliflower with labaneh and mint. It was so good and healthy. The cauliflower was super crunchy and I think I can live with that. Next to come out was grilled haloumi. This is what I called a “not so grilled cheese” because it tasted EXACTLY like a grilled cheese sandwich. It also came with a date jam and nuts. I love dates. Maybe it’s healthy or not.  WHO CARES?! It’s great anyway. Next was a fried salt cod w/ lemon puree. They were just like fancy fish sticks.  I really liked the puree, but for some reason, the salt cod was just not the kind for me.  But my Mom said, “These are awesome!” She and George ate the entire plate.  Next were veal sweet breads with chick peas and mango puree. When I tasted it, it was so good and this time there was some sweetness from the sauce. BUT…they were still not bread!  Next was foie gras with pistachios and served on laffa bread. Chef Solo told me that he cured the foie in cinnamon.  I LOVED IT. It was so rich. Not the rich like money, but rich in awesome flavor.  This was my Mom’s favorite of the whole night.  George’s favorite was the roasted sunchokes with anchovy and lemon. I didn’t try them. I don’t know why because they looked really good. There was just so much food.  I was really excited about the next dish. It was something super special, something I’ve never had before.  Grilled duck hearts with tehina, apples, and little fried onion rings. At first, George didn’t tell me they were duck hearts. He just made me a perfect bite and gave it to me. I can’t believe I actually ate real duck hearts. I want to say “eww”…but I loved them. Poor ducks.

 For our final course (not including dessert!) was a whole smoked and braised lamb shoulder. I thought the lamb shoulder was chocolate cake for a second when they put it on the table. But it didn’t smell anything like chocolate cake. It did smell amazing. Chef Solo told us that it was smoked for 24 hours and then braised with chick peas in pomegranate juice.  It also had rice called pilaf which was crunchy and really good. Another plate of eggplant came out and I did not try it. My mom ate them all as well. 

 At this point Mom and George were really full. The chef told me he was really impressed with the amount of food we ate. I said I was ready to eat all the desserts! And that’s just what happened. Chef Solo sent me ALL of the desserts.  I was too excited and just started eating. I’m sorry, but I forgot to write notes about any off them.  Mom and George had some, but I ate the most and of course wanted more.  Yum!

Our dinner at Zahav was delicious and really fun.  I got to try all different kinds of foods and flavors that I’ve never had before.  Chef Solo is so nice and super cool. I want to go there again someday for sure!

I give Zahav 54 sausages.

Next time…???



The Almost Birthday Girl


Before we begin, I just want say that I know I was going to write about La Croix next. Don’t worry, we are going this week!

A couple days ago I went to a restaurant called Matyson. I went there with Mom, George and of course, me.  It looks very pretty inside; warm and cozy with paintings of fruits and vegetables on the walls.  My favorite was the strawberry. I also liked the onion. 

So when I looked at the menu it said, “Happy Birthday Jennifer”.  If you’re wondering who that is, she is my mom.  She chose for us to go there for one of her three birthday dinners. The menu was titled “Lobster and Other Tasty Things”.  That made me scared because I thought everything we were eating was going to be made of lobster and I don’t like lobster.  But my mom LOVES it and it’s her “almost birthday”.

And now… time for the food!  First to come out was sour dough bread and it was strange because it is really good but it doesn’t taste sour. My mom told me that it’s called sour dough because of the way it is made and it’s very popular in San Francisco, where I was born. Next was ahi tuna with uni, winter citrus and Szechwan peppercorn.   I didn’t really like the tuna but I did like the little pieces of grapefruit and the uni sauce. Mom and George loved it and mom ate mine. I just didn’t like it because it was raw tuna. I really only like tuna that comes on sandwiches. You know…the cooked kind.

 Then came the Brussels sprouts which had smoked venison sausage, celery root, barley and egg.  I loved it. Venison is deer and it is smoky and delicious.  I asked Chef Ben if he made the sausage in house or if he got it from a store.  He said he made it right there.  I also liked the sauce which was a celery root puree. It was creamy and tasty!

Next was the seared foie gras with banana bread, hazelnut, duck skin and coffee maple. I thought it is so good that my head exploded.  The duck skin was one of my favorite parts and was super crispy. Chef Ben told me that they make it by de-hydrating and frying them.  I think this dish might have been better than the foie griddle cakes that I loved so much at Meme.

 The next thing was pumpkin seed soup and it was made with lobster, barley, squash and mint. I did like the soup part and even tried the lobster. Nope, my taste buds for lobster still haven’t changed.  Then there was a kale salad and came with quinoa, pepitas, parmesan and oregano.  I thought it was really cheesy and it even had some mint. I love kale but my mom ate the most amount of it. Now coming up is lobster chawanmushi . This is an egg custard and had foie gras, mushrooms, pears and parsnips.  If I remember correctly it was really good even though it had some things I don’t like.

At this point I was thinking, “How can I not be full when I have eaten so much food.”  Then I looked at the menu and saw we still had 3 courses till dessert.  I was worried that I was going to be too full!!  Then came miso cod and it had noodles, eggplant and sesame chili broth.  The noodles were nice and chewy. George said it was spicy but was not. I didn’t eat any of my bok choy because George ate it. Chef Ben is pretty famous for his noodles. This was my second favorite dish. 

Two more until dessert. The menu said veal sweat breads were next with curried lobster, cauliflower, almonds and leeks. I love sweetbreads but was afraid I was going to taste lobster again and it was going to make my tummy hurt. My mom told me not to worry because it was cut into tiny pieces and I wouldn’t taste any of it. She was right. It tasted like chicken and the sauce was salty and sweet and really good. I still don’t know why they are called “sweet breads”. They are not sweet and they are not bread.

One more until dessert. Beef cheeks. Yes.  They came with snails, salsify and amaranth and were braised. That means cooked at a low temperature for a long time. I thought the sauce was tasty but I didn’t try any of the snails. I’ve never had them before, but I don’t think I will like them.

Finally dessert. First to come out was a blood orange sorbet and I thought it was really cold and yummy and very sour.  My mom loved this sorbet the most.  Next was a coconut cream pie and it was made of chocolate ganache and macadamia nut crust and I thought it was really yummy and tasted like coconut.  Two desserts were not enough so I got myself something else…The Chocolate Smore. Awesome graham cracker crust, chocolate, and toasted marshmallow. The chocolate part tasted like fudge and I loved the marshmallow. So did George!!!

Overall, this meal was so good, even with all the lobster and mushrooms. It was cool meeting Chef Ben. I even asked him if I could come and work in his kitchen and he said yes!!My mom was so happy and so full! We had a great time out as a family.

I give Matyson 33 sausages.

Next time… La Croix…really.



Food from Will Vs. The Awesome Food Blogger

Hi! If you are reading this I’m sorry it took so long. I started 2nd grade and have a lot of homework.   I just want to say thank you for reading and enjoy the blog.

Last Sunday my Mom, George, Mimi, Leo and I went to Will for dinner. I like the place because the lights are pretty but it was very cold inside. The blue walls were awesome because my favorite color is blue.

We sat at our table and when I saw the menu it said “Welcome Tasty Sausages!”  I was surprised! On Sundays’ Will has a four course tasting menu.  Exciting! I got to meet our server Emily who also writes a food blog, like me. She was really nice. Next, Chis Kearse, the chef, came to see me. He asked me “How’s your blog going?”  I told him “Great!”  He also said “I’m excited to cook for you”. That’s great because I was excited to eat!

First to come out was a potato blini with caviar and crème. My mom said that this is called an amuse bouche.  What is that?!?!  I found out that it is actually something that comes out first and you can eat it in one bite.  I loved it so much! I also didn’t know what caviar was. Mom told me later that it’s fish eggs. Really??  So I guess I like fish eggs. Very strange.  Next was another amuse bouche: braised oxtail, pickled quail egg and black garlic. The meat part was good but the egg part was not the kind for me. I only like eggs that are scrambled.

The bread and butter that they brought were really good together.  Emily told us that it was nori lemon butter. I thought it was salty and tasty. The bread was warm and crunchy.  I wanted to have all of it, but I needed to share.   

Next was a chestnut and parsnip salad made of beet, petite arugula and marigold.  It had a chestnut puree that tasted like peanut butter and the beets were yummy and sweet.  I’ve never eaten flowers before so that’s pretty cool.

For the second course I had to pick between Burgundy snails and pork belly. I chose the pork belly.  It was so good I almost passed out!  It also had beet chips which were really crunchy. I ate all of them. George got the snails. I did not try them because he ate them all.  After the pork belly, Chef Chris sent us an omelet that had peekytoe crab inside. I loved this and that is strange because I don’t like crab and that omelet was really good.  I ate the whole thing all by myself.

The next part of dinner was really confusing.  We got a cool frozen spoon with sour coconut sorbet. Doesn’t dessert come after dinner, not in the middle? That’s fine with me. I was happy to have some dessert in the middle and want it to happen all the time.

The main course came next. It was milk fed poulard and gnocchi with uni sauce. In case you don’t know what poulard is, it’s chicken. I love the pasta the best because it was squishy on the inside and crispy on the outside.  I also don’t know what uni is, but I know I like it.

Another cool spoon with a delicious bitter chocolate sorbet and sea salt came after the chicken. Am I in a world of desserts that come in the middle of dinner?   No, I’m just in a restaurant, but it felt like it!  

Finally, the best part…the real dessert. There were two choices, warmed pumpkin bread with saffron poached apples or banana pot de crème.  Emily asked me which one I wanted.  I looked at her and said “I can’t decide, I really want both”. George said that whatever dessert I got, that he would get the other and we could share so I picked the pumpkin bread.  It was awesome. The pot de crème was also great and I ate some of mom’s and all of Mimi’s.

 To end dinner Emily brought pumpkin spice pate de fruit. It was just like a jelly that was not spicy. Dessert after dessert too? Awesome.

At the end I went in the kitchen to talk about my dinner and say thank you to the Chef and cooks. They were pretty amazing, all the dishes were beautiful and I ate so many things that I never tried before. Because of that and the only thing I didn’t like was the egg, I give Will 49 sausages.

Next time… La Croix



The Edge of Tastiness – Rittenhouse Tavern

Last Tuesday we went to Rittenhouse Tavern. We went because Mom and George wanted to eat there. I felt very excited. Why? I knew I was going to enjoy it. I got to meet Chef Nick Elmi. He was like the best chef ever (except for George of course). The restaurant looked really really cool. I liked it because it had a bird over the word “tavern” and I loved the sunflower on the table. It was very pretty.

I was so hungry and ready for the food to come out! First to come out was a terrine board. It had a pork pistachio terrine with carrots and was good. My favorite was the rabbit and foie gras rillettes with stone fruit. It was yummy except the stone fruit which was really really sour. I only like things that are a little bit sour.

Next to come were pork scrapple deviled eggs. I thought they were delicious because they tasted like a sausage. Also to come out was something I thought were chicken wings, except they weren’t. Then, when I tried them, they tasted NOTHING like chicken wings. My mom told me they were actually frog legs. EWWWW!!!

 Then came the bread. It was just too good for me. I asked my mom if we could buy some at the store. She told me that they only have this bread here.  I wanted to know what it was made of because I loved it so much. Chef Nick told me it was made in house and had dill and cottage cheese. Next I got the beet salad. It had red, golden and candy cane beets with breakfast radish, yogurt sauce and pistachios. The coolest part was the sweet, thick beet juice that was smeared across the bowl. I really liked it because I love beets.  I also had the cold sweet corn soup. I didn’t like it because I like hot soups, not cold ones.

 My main course had two dishes. First was a cauliflower steak. It was really hot and kept slipping off my fork. I liked it but George helped me eat it all.  Next was truffle crusted veal with sweat breads and had hearts of palm, strawberries, fava beans and fava bean puree. I loved all of it.

Finally…dessert! I had chocolate ganache with milk crumble and caramelized milk ice cream.  It was amazing. My favorite part was the ice cream. What does caramelize even mean?  I’m going to ask George.

At the end of dinner, Chef Nick sat at our table and talked for a long time with my mom and George.  I asked him a lot of questions about the food. I told him how much I loved the bread and he gave us some to take home. Our dinner was so yummy I almost exploded with joy.  Thank you so much for the dinner.  

I give it 38 sausages.

Next time… I am going to take a week or two off and decide where I want to go next. 



Homemade Food and My Full Belly at Le Virtu

My family went to Le Virtu because it was George‘s birthday. We went with Sean Michael and Lilavati. We went inside and saw Chef Joe. I thought he was totally nice. First they brought focaccia bread. It was made in house and it came with olive oil.  It was so good that I wanted to eat a lot of it but my mom kept saying “nu-uh!”  Next to come out were meatless meatballs. It was made of bread, egg and pecorino cheese and it came with ground vegetables, tomato sauce and basil. Chef Joe told me that there are no cows were he’s from and they only make milk and cheese from sheep and goats.  Pecorino is made from sheep. Finally, we had the sheep’s milk ricotta made with saffron, almonds and honey.  It came with toasted bread and was awesome.

 Next came the pasta.  They make all of that in house too. The sweet corn fettuccini with pecorino and zucchini flowers was so good I could just eat all of it! I don’t know, it’s just too good for me.  I didn’t like the piopponi mushroom taccozelle. I didn’t like it because it had mushrooms and I don’t like mushrooms. But everyone else loved it because there was none left.

Finally the main courses!!  The sausage was made of pork and I thought that it was spicy. Of course I liked it!  The rabbit was made of rosemary, garlic, and salt and pepper. The lentils were good and did you know they’re a type of legume? (George told me that.)

 Now time for dessert. The flowerless chocolate cake with coconut cream and cherry panna cotta was my favorite. They also brought granita. The flavors were blood orange, which was good, chocolate espresso that tasted just like coffee, cherry lambic, and I don’t know what lambic is but its good, and the blueberry black pepper which mom ate all of.  The heirloom carrot cake had almond brittle and vanilla beans and it was so good too. I also had macaroons but didn’t take notes because I was too busy eating! Chef Joe brought me my own lemonade and it was sweet and sour and yummy.

After the meal I got to go in the salumi room with George, Sean Michael, and Chef Joe.  The place where they keep their sea salt smelled really stinky.  I got to see sausages and lots of cured ham.  The whole meal was like a dream come true and I will give it 43 sausages.

Next time… Rittenhouse Tavern



What is a Nomad anyway?

I think Nomad pizza is pizza that used to be mad…but now it’s not anymore.

 When we went inside, it smelled delicious. The menu has so many things. I didn’t see shrimp or eggplant and that is good because I don’t like those. I did see things that I do like and that is pepperoni and cheese and a salad with baby carrots and beets.  When I ate this salad it tasted awesome.  Mom and George ordered fried squash blossoms but my mom ate all of them.

 Our first pizza was the Spicy Soppressata. It came with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil. It had a thin and crunchy crust and I loved it. I actually liked everything except the soppressata. It’s not the kind for me. The next pizza was the Filetti. It was a white pizza with cherry tomatoes and prosciutto which is like ham. This crust was chewy and yummy. 

This is my favorite part and it is the desert, coconut sorbet!!!  It was really cold and really coconutey. I totally liked it so much.

Nomad was really delicious and I will come back because I want to try the pepperoni pizza.  

I give it 17 sausages.

Next time…. Le Virtu



South Philly Tap Room - The Yummy Food

Yesterday, Mom, George and I went to South Philly Tap Room.  I was really excited because I really wanted to taste the burger. When we went in I saw Scott Schroder, the chef. I thought he was super nice. I loved the paintings on the walls best. The chairs are really cool too. Why? Because they are green and they have brassy dots.

The food was really, really awesome. The cheeseburger was cooked medium and it had cheese that tasted smoky. The home-made ketchup was really sweet. I love ketchup and it was tasty.  The mac and cheese was my favorite part. It was really creamy and better than my Moms.  I also got pickles but I don’t like pickles because they’re not the kind for me.  Mom and George had Mexican corn. It came on a stick and it was spicy. I loved it!!! The desert was donuts and peaches with caramel sauce. It tasted so much like sugar and it got me too full!!!

It was the best dinner ever and I give it 29 sausages.



Jett Bolker - An Introduction

Hi. My name is Jett. I live in Philadelphia and I’m 7 years old. I love to eat different foods. My Mom, George and I go to restaurants a lot and so I decided to write about it. My favorite foods are the duck sausage and apple cider soup at Stateside, the cherry griddle cakes with foie gras at Meme, Pho’ at Nam Phuong, and pizza from Papa Johns.