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Food from Will Vs. The Awesome Food Blogger

Hi! If you are reading this I’m sorry it took so long. I started 2nd grade and have a lot of homework.   I just want to say thank you for reading and enjoy the blog.

Last Sunday my Mom, George, Mimi, Leo and I went to Will for dinner. I like the place because the lights are pretty but it was very cold inside. The blue walls were awesome because my favorite color is blue.

We sat at our table and when I saw the menu it said “Welcome Tasty Sausages!”  I was surprised! On Sundays’ Will has a four course tasting menu.  Exciting! I got to meet our server Emily who also writes a food blog, like me. She was really nice. Next, Chis Kearse, the chef, came to see me. He asked me “How’s your blog going?”  I told him “Great!”  He also said “I’m excited to cook for you”. That’s great because I was excited to eat!

First to come out was a potato blini with caviar and crème. My mom said that this is called an amuse bouche.  What is that?!?!  I found out that it is actually something that comes out first and you can eat it in one bite.  I loved it so much! I also didn’t know what caviar was. Mom told me later that it’s fish eggs. Really??  So I guess I like fish eggs. Very strange.  Next was another amuse bouche: braised oxtail, pickled quail egg and black garlic. The meat part was good but the egg part was not the kind for me. I only like eggs that are scrambled.

The bread and butter that they brought were really good together.  Emily told us that it was nori lemon butter. I thought it was salty and tasty. The bread was warm and crunchy.  I wanted to have all of it, but I needed to share.   

Next was a chestnut and parsnip salad made of beet, petite arugula and marigold.  It had a chestnut puree that tasted like peanut butter and the beets were yummy and sweet.  I’ve never eaten flowers before so that’s pretty cool.

For the second course I had to pick between Burgundy snails and pork belly. I chose the pork belly.  It was so good I almost passed out!  It also had beet chips which were really crunchy. I ate all of them. George got the snails. I did not try them because he ate them all.  After the pork belly, Chef Chris sent us an omelet that had peekytoe crab inside. I loved this and that is strange because I don’t like crab and that omelet was really good.  I ate the whole thing all by myself.

The next part of dinner was really confusing.  We got a cool frozen spoon with sour coconut sorbet. Doesn’t dessert come after dinner, not in the middle? That’s fine with me. I was happy to have some dessert in the middle and want it to happen all the time.

The main course came next. It was milk fed poulard and gnocchi with uni sauce. In case you don’t know what poulard is, it’s chicken. I love the pasta the best because it was squishy on the inside and crispy on the outside.  I also don’t know what uni is, but I know I like it.

Another cool spoon with a delicious bitter chocolate sorbet and sea salt came after the chicken. Am I in a world of desserts that come in the middle of dinner?   No, I’m just in a restaurant, but it felt like it!  

Finally, the best part…the real dessert. There were two choices, warmed pumpkin bread with saffron poached apples or banana pot de crème.  Emily asked me which one I wanted.  I looked at her and said “I can’t decide, I really want both”. George said that whatever dessert I got, that he would get the other and we could share so I picked the pumpkin bread.  It was awesome. The pot de crème was also great and I ate some of mom’s and all of Mimi’s.

 To end dinner Emily brought pumpkin spice pate de fruit. It was just like a jelly that was not spicy. Dessert after dessert too? Awesome.

At the end I went in the kitchen to talk about my dinner and say thank you to the Chef and cooks. They were pretty amazing, all the dishes were beautiful and I ate so many things that I never tried before. Because of that and the only thing I didn’t like was the egg, I give Will 49 sausages.

Next time… La Croix

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