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The Almost Birthday Girl


Before we begin, I just want say that I know I was going to write about La Croix next. Don’t worry, we are going this week!

A couple days ago I went to a restaurant called Matyson. I went there with Mom, George and of course, me.  It looks very pretty inside; warm and cozy with paintings of fruits and vegetables on the walls.  My favorite was the strawberry. I also liked the onion. 

So when I looked at the menu it said, “Happy Birthday Jennifer”.  If you’re wondering who that is, she is my mom.  She chose for us to go there for one of her three birthday dinners. The menu was titled “Lobster and Other Tasty Things”.  That made me scared because I thought everything we were eating was going to be made of lobster and I don’t like lobster.  But my mom LOVES it and it’s her “almost birthday”.

And now… time for the food!  First to come out was sour dough bread and it was strange because it is really good but it doesn’t taste sour. My mom told me that it’s called sour dough because of the way it is made and it’s very popular in San Francisco, where I was born. Next was ahi tuna with uni, winter citrus and Szechwan peppercorn.   I didn’t really like the tuna but I did like the little pieces of grapefruit and the uni sauce. Mom and George loved it and mom ate mine. I just didn’t like it because it was raw tuna. I really only like tuna that comes on sandwiches. You know…the cooked kind.

 Then came the Brussels sprouts which had smoked venison sausage, celery root, barley and egg.  I loved it. Venison is deer and it is smoky and delicious.  I asked Chef Ben if he made the sausage in house or if he got it from a store.  He said he made it right there.  I also liked the sauce which was a celery root puree. It was creamy and tasty!

Next was the seared foie gras with banana bread, hazelnut, duck skin and coffee maple. I thought it is so good that my head exploded.  The duck skin was one of my favorite parts and was super crispy. Chef Ben told me that they make it by de-hydrating and frying them.  I think this dish might have been better than the foie griddle cakes that I loved so much at Meme.

 The next thing was pumpkin seed soup and it was made with lobster, barley, squash and mint. I did like the soup part and even tried the lobster. Nope, my taste buds for lobster still haven’t changed.  Then there was a kale salad and came with quinoa, pepitas, parmesan and oregano.  I thought it was really cheesy and it even had some mint. I love kale but my mom ate the most amount of it. Now coming up is lobster chawanmushi . This is an egg custard and had foie gras, mushrooms, pears and parsnips.  If I remember correctly it was really good even though it had some things I don’t like.

At this point I was thinking, “How can I not be full when I have eaten so much food.”  Then I looked at the menu and saw we still had 3 courses till dessert.  I was worried that I was going to be too full!!  Then came miso cod and it had noodles, eggplant and sesame chili broth.  The noodles were nice and chewy. George said it was spicy but was not. I didn’t eat any of my bok choy because George ate it. Chef Ben is pretty famous for his noodles. This was my second favorite dish. 

Two more until dessert. The menu said veal sweat breads were next with curried lobster, cauliflower, almonds and leeks. I love sweetbreads but was afraid I was going to taste lobster again and it was going to make my tummy hurt. My mom told me not to worry because it was cut into tiny pieces and I wouldn’t taste any of it. She was right. It tasted like chicken and the sauce was salty and sweet and really good. I still don’t know why they are called “sweet breads”. They are not sweet and they are not bread.

One more until dessert. Beef cheeks. Yes.  They came with snails, salsify and amaranth and were braised. That means cooked at a low temperature for a long time. I thought the sauce was tasty but I didn’t try any of the snails. I’ve never had them before, but I don’t think I will like them.

Finally dessert. First to come out was a blood orange sorbet and I thought it was really cold and yummy and very sour.  My mom loved this sorbet the most.  Next was a coconut cream pie and it was made of chocolate ganache and macadamia nut crust and I thought it was really yummy and tasted like coconut.  Two desserts were not enough so I got myself something else…The Chocolate Smore. Awesome graham cracker crust, chocolate, and toasted marshmallow. The chocolate part tasted like fudge and I loved the marshmallow. So did George!!!

Overall, this meal was so good, even with all the lobster and mushrooms. It was cool meeting Chef Ben. I even asked him if I could come and work in his kitchen and he said yes!!My mom was so happy and so full! We had a great time out as a family.

I give Matyson 33 sausages.

Next time… La Croix…really.